Who Am I?

Who Am I?

You’re not a random collection of atoms – molecules bouncing into each other as one of my atheist friends likes to say. You are a person of dignity and worth – the climax of God’s creation. And to prove it, you bear the image of God – His image is stamped on you. Listen to what Jesus said (from Matthew 22, 15-22):

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  • andrew aldridge

    Well, fascinating. The thing that always struck me about this passage is that Jesus never said pay your taxes. What!!!! I hear you say don’t pay your taxes, preposterous (my word of the week). No he didn’t say don’t pay your taxes he didn’t say do pay your taxes he said give to God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caeser’s . So an application of this scripture is to give ourselves to God as we are made in God’s image. This scripture has been hijacked by “civil obedience is always right brigade” to say that we should always obey the law. If I have a coin my pocket it doesn’t belong to Caeser it belongs to me, the stewardship of that resource will as a rule mean paying my taxes but not always. Given there was a tax being levied for the persecution of a minority group would you pay it?. Jesus here brilliantly answers a question with a question by taking them back to first principals and in particular to look at the reasons behind the principals in the first place, why? Because when we lose sight of the reason behind the principal we end up with at best an irrelevant faith or worse a faith that dampens the curiosity of potential seekers. So Chris I take entirely the point you are making, may I respectfully suggest however that the main point of the passage is about our relationship with the state.

    • Great comment Andrew – thanks you for taking the time to explain some of the nuances of paying V not paying! And yes you may certainly respectfully suggest that! However sometimes the “secondary point” can also be a main point 🙂

  • Mart

    Good podcast – better debate afterwards thanks!

  • Grace

    Dear Chris – I just want to tell you how much I benefit from receiving you emails.
    Thank you for all the effort you are putting into this communication!

    • Really appreciate your taking the time to say that 0 thanks!