Who is Chris Goswami?


Chris Goswami started 7minutes.net

Chris has worked for 30 years in the telecoms industry and is currently Director of Communications at Openwave Mobility, a bright new company in Silicon Valley. Chris writes articles for Openwave Mobility which you can access here. He is an experienced speaker having spoken and chaired events in many countries, and in the 1980s was involved in some of the earliest research into “CDMA” — the basis for mobile telephony worldwide.

Brought up a Hindu, Chris became a Christian at 19 and has served in many roles in local churches. He now works part time at Openwave and works as Associate Pastor at Lymm Baptist Church. He was formerly Associate Minister at Brownley Green, Baptist Church in Wythenshawe, Manchester — read Nothing Good Comes Out of Wythenshawe.

Chris is married to Alison with daughters: Anna, Laura, and Sarah, and lives in Cheshire, England, but in case you are wondering about his name, he is ethnically from India.

Laura, Alison, Sarah, Anna

Laura, Alison, Sarah, and Anna

Chris holds a First Class Bachelor of Science Degree, MSc, and PhD in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications, and a First Class Bachelor of Arts Degree in Contextual Theology.

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