Are you a great listener?

Are we quick to listen? slow to speak? … how about slow to get angry?
Sometimes when we are in a conversation we are not really listening at all. We are just waiting for our opportunity to jump in with our own comments. We think we know the answer, we have the solution, we don’t really need to listen do we! . Well this is a serious mistake and I have some work to do here. Maybe you do too. For a start, listen to this …

I love the way the teaching from the Bible is real-life and practical. James doesn’t say “never lose your temper”.That could be impossible for many of us.He says “be slow to anger”. Likewise, Paul writing to the Ephesians doesn’t say “never get angry”. He says “when you get angry, don’t let your anger lead you into sin and don’t stay angry all day”. See Ephesians 4.


The Car Jacking is an from Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks, by Wayne Rice
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