Miracle on the River Kwai

 “The day’s work had just ended it had been a very hot afternoon but now the evening breeze was just beginning to pick up, The tools were being counted as usual. They were counted every day to make sure no British prisoners had hidden one away…”

There are other cases — stories and real-life accounts — where one man willingly gives his life  for others. Here is one such moving account. At Easter we reflect on the fact that Jesus did that. But he did more than that. Jesus first of all gave up everything it meant to be God – divinity, majesty, glory since the beginning, all laid aside to take on manhood. And then he went further. He gave up everything it meant to be a man to feel to see, to breathe, to have friends, all laid aside to take on death.

This story is taken from Miracle on the River Kwai by Ernest Gordon

Story length: 5m 15s

Easter God

For another Easter story try There and Back Again

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Dylan P
6 years ago

Thought provoking as ever — thanks Chris.

6 years ago

Thankyou Chris — I enjoyed that

Sunil Raheja
7 years ago

Such a powerful story Chris! Thank you for tying that together with what Jesus did for us in dying on the cross. As you say for God it doesn’t matter how far away you are, but in which direction are you facing?