Do you know the big story of the Bible? The key events, the main characters, Genesis to Revelation?

The Bible is so big we read it in tiny bits don’t we, and that means we can miss the big picture. But this is all one story, God’s big story — a love story — a true story. Here it is, start to finish, in just 7 minutes.


  • Adam and Eve in a perfect world
  • Abraham, Moses, and the Judges
  • Saul, David and Solomon
  • The message of the prophets
  • Israel’s exile to Babylon
  • Enter: The Author
  • Paul and the birth of the church
  • Revelation — a restored, perfect world
  • … your part in this story

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Note: to get this into 7 minutes, subplots and twists had to be omitted — but hopefully it serves a purpose.
Based on an original idea by Sheridan Voysey
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