These short blogs touch areas that affect us all. We reflect on topics such as other religions, apologetics, bizarre Bible passages, Atheism, and suffering, as well as trends such as consumerism, impacts of technology and politics.

This is about trying to make sense of the big questions, trying to live well as a Christian - trying to be a bit less confused!

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5 min
Hospitality and welcome

The one Biblical command we never talk about

Recovering hospitality as a Christian tradition


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5 min

Why do Christians Lose Their Faith?

And what can we do about it?


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3 min
Ben Stokes ricochet

Ben Stokes: Redemption, forgiveness and the God of second chances

We are not defined by our past — but we must be changed by it


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5 min
Steve Chalke

The Lost Message of Paul

Steve Chalke’s new book claims that our understanding of the New Testament is wrong


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4 min
Chris Evans

Chris Evans claims he heard the voice of God – should we believe him?

Veteran TV and radio presenter Chris Evans swears it happened. God spoke to him


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4 min
why do bad things happen?

Why does God allow bad things to happen?

A question that never goes away


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4 min
atonement theories

This Easter will you worship Jesus or Molech?

It can be surprisingly hard to understand the cross


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4 min
was Jesus a Muslim

Was Jesus a Muslim?

Millions of people say he was


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5 min
Voices and lessons from 2018

The 5 best, worst and most surprising voices of 2018

From Boris to Trump and Gogglebox to Google … what did we learn from 2018? (a BREXIT free zone)


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6 min
sacred salt, holy water & things that go bump

Sacred salt, holy water, and things that go bump in the night

Is deliverance ministry Biblical, … or is it bonkers?


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