These short blogs touch areas that affect us all. We reflect on topics such as other religions, apologetics, bizarre Bible passages, Atheism, and suffering, as well as trends such as consumerism, impacts of technology and politics.

This is about trying to make sense of the big questions, trying to live well as a Christian - trying to be a bit less confused!

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2 min
Ways To Be Happy

3 ways to be really happy (Yes REALLY!)

A light hearted summary of our series on wellbeing


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3.5 min
Faith and wellbeing

Going to church will make you happy?

Wellbeing — and faith


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4 min

EUTHANASIA – can we live without it?

Assisted dying


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3 min

Sort out your affairs Ashley Madison

Why do people have affairs – its all about SEX right?


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4 min

Relationships will make you happy…?

Wellbeing — and relationships


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4 min
Shopping and wellbeing

Buying stuff will make you happy …?

Wellbeing — and shopping


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3.5 min
Tunisia Beach-2

You were not on the beach in Tunisia …

… but the events there have changed you


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4.5 min

Apple’s latest watch — God’s deep knowledge

… it’s all about YOU, there is no OFF button


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4 min
Is the Bible true?

Is the Bible true? — 3 things you need to know

God asks us to keep our brains switched on as well as hearts


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4 min

Nothing is sacred except satire

Is there an undisputed “right to offend”? A Christian response to Charlie Hebdo


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