Gospel Chivalry?

Ladies … you’re standing on the bus. A man taps you on the shoulder and offers you his seat. Do you: a.) kick him in the groin — how dare he patronise you – and in a public place? Or b) .….

Gospel Chivalry is just one post on Emma Scrivener’s thoughtful but gentle blog “A New Name” which won first prize in the Christian New Media Awards  for the category: Best Blogger 2014.

In Two Ticks, No Dog she uncovers a well observed but rarely discussed aspect of marriage .…there’s something in a woman that wants to control; and there’s something in a man that wants to retreat. And when the two things meet, it strikes at the heart of marriage and the heart of relationship… Agree or disagree?.


Emma also tells her own story of a long, long battle with Easting Disorders here. This is a far more sobering and personal story.

Over the next few weeks I will feature a number of truly exceptional posts and articles from winners and finalists of the Christian New Media Awards 2014.
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Dylan P
8 years ago

Interesting. I have read Gospel Chivalry & Two Ticks. What is very good is she puts a modern spin on age old questions & topics. What struck me was that her referral the Bible and the way to run a Christian Household is a tough one for us to achieve today , even when enlightened. In our pre “getting into God” lives my guess is that few of us can honestly say we lived this way. We are human and have human weaknesses. But as I understand it from “Father Chris”. Its ok , so long as we do our best going… Read more »

Dylan P
8 years ago
Reply to  Chris Goswami

Thanks Chris , that makes more sense.
My Mrs has been telling me I’m a work in progress for years !