I love Jesus but not the church” … means you DON’T love Jesus

As Christians living in the prosperous west, sometimes our consumerist ideas extend deep within us and enable us to justify almost any behaviour.

Consumerism (see my previous post) is not simply about “shopping”. It’s the idea that “everything revolves around me”, I can choose anything I like. I can choose where to send my kids to school, what labels I am seen wearing, and of course I can choose a church where they sing songs that I like and teach in the style I prefer. Today we see Christian folk who continually shop around from church to church, and some who choose not to attend any church at all. No church is right for them.

Writing on the Patheos Religious Blog, Grayson Gilbert’s post makes it clear that the entire New Testament pre-supposes that as a Christian you have committed to a local church, and you will remain there.

 What I am speaking against is the underwhelming opinion that you can somehow be part of the universal church and reject the local church, or that the local church is made up of you and your family on a Sunday morning as you lay in bed and reject communion with the saints …

It’s a bit of a rant … but sometimes a rant is needed! Read the article:

I love Jesus but not the church” just means you don’t love Jesus

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