The odds against atheism

Justin Brierley rolls his dice and puts a new spin on what is often called The Design Argument. This is the sense that our world and the universe we live in is frighteningly complex, stunningly beautiful, and astonishingly finely tuned all at the same time. Its a fantastic design, but a fantastic design points to a fantastic designer.

Believing in God is a perfectly reasonable conclusion when we look at the fingerprint on our universe

Watch the video:

Justin Brierley hosts a weekly radio show and podcast Unbelievable which usually features a sharp debate between a Christian and an atheist.The original of this video can be found there.

If you want to hear more arguments against atheism try reading New Atheism’s Age Old Question.- and the discussion thread below it!

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ن Red Pill Religion
6 years ago

There can be no intelligibility in a universe without an intelligence that made it so.

Ratzinger said that. I think him right.