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Gifts of the Dark wood

Gifts of the Dark Wood

Is it true that we only really find God in the darkness?


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Refugee — migrant — what’s in a word?

What’s our response to these people arriving on our beaches?


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What if following Jesus isn’t primarily about belief or actions?

but about having a right heart?


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Islam — the elephant in the election?

Islam is a political ideology with governmental objectives as much as it is a religion


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Elephant in the room

Gay Christians — a duty of care?

Is the church failing gay Christians?


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40 acts of kindness

40 days of giving back, doing good living generously — think about it!


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No more page 3 … soon?

I don’t want my future daughters to live in a world in which it’s seen as acceptable for them to be judged on their bra size .…”


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Gospel Chivalry?

A man offers you his seat on the bus — now what are you going to do?


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The KOKO Story

.….that’s the message from Meg a young lady and her website which I came across as a fellow finalist in the Christian New Media Awards 2014


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Great War

Was the Great War A Holy War?

Just like the Crusades of medieval times — but with aircraft, machine guns, and 10 million lives


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