A God who runs

A God who runs

There aren’t many places in the Bible where you see God running, but here is one. Philip Yancey’s moving story of a young girl caught up in a life she never wanted.

(Taken from Philip Yancey’s book What’s So Amazing About Grace? With some adaptation)

Grace First

Jesus’ original parable of grace “The Prodigal Son” can be found in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 15. God doesn’t condone our poor choices. He will not overlook behaviour that leads to us damaging ourselves or damaging others. But with this God of the Bible, His nature is always to accept us first, welcome us back first, to forgive and re-state his love first. And then He draws attention to areas of our life that need restoring. As someone said: God loves us exactly as we are; but He loves us too much to leave us as we are.
With this running God, grace precedes even truth. It’s always grace first.

If you found this to your liking try Returning God


  • mukund

    a very good massage for young people that dad and mum and friends have special place and love for their children.unconditional love.

    • Yes Philip Yancey does a great re-telling of the old Prodigal son story, which, as you say is all about unconditional love and acceptance.

  • Joe Sweeney

    Really enjoyed the modern day telling of the Prodigal Son/Loving Father story

    • Hey Joe – good to see you on 7minutes …. visitors “from the other side” always welcome 🙂 Thanks for taking the time!

  • Sheila

    Thanks Chris for such an uplifting up to date real life experience story of God’s acceptance of us just as we are

    • And thanks Sheila for taking the time to stop by – appreciate it!

  • James

    Thanks Chris. Good to be reminded that God’s love is deeper than any situation we can get ourselves into

    • Thanks James – I guess we always need that reminder – and he is always ready to give it

  • Thanks James – I guess we always need that reminder – and he is always ready to give it

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