For thinking Christians

These short blogs by Chris reflect on topics such as the impacts of AI and technology, bizarre Bible passages, or current day politics, as well as big questions like faith deconstruction, suffering and other religions.

is the bible the only authority for christians
5 min

Should your faith rely solely on the Bible?

Christians should worship Jesus not the Bible

same sex and church
10 mins

Same sex and the church

Unstoppable force meets imovable object? … or can we disagree well?

Deepen your walk with Jesus
5 min

Deepening your walk with Jesus

A review of Practicing The Way by John Mark Comer

Christian reflections on 2023
7 min

2023 Unwrapped

What we can learn from the past 12 months?

Christians take on AI
5 min

The Church is taking on AI, here’s how

Government hosts an AI Global Summit — the Church responds

words that break Christian unity
5 min

3 words that rocked the church

How our words have broken Christian unity

american evangelicals trump
5 min

Why Christian evangelicals still say AMEN to Trump

Trump delivers what Evangelicals want

5 min

Do we still need physical Bibles?

It’s YouVersion’s 15th anniversary and I talked with their CEO

my life as a Manchester Airport chaplain
5 min

Did you pack this bag yourself?

Chris’s life as an airport chaplain

Queenm Camilla = lessons for Christians
4 min

What Christians can learn from the new Queen Camilla

The power of turning the other cheek

this article wont change your mind
6 min

This article wont change your mind

What we know can blind us to truth

chatgpt and the church
7 min

ChatGPT — this leap forward in AI changes everything

Here’s what it means for your church

tech trends 2023
7 min

What technology trends will impact your life in 2023?

What the biggest trends in technology mean for society & the church

3 min

3 things churches get wrong at Christmas – and how to fix them

Pitfalls for the unwary church

4 min

As online games become more immersive could that make them safer?

A Christian game developer with a fresh approach