These short blogs touch areas that affect us all. We reflect on topics such as other religions, apologetics, bizarre Bible passages, Atheism, and suffering, as well as trends such as consumerism, impacts of technology and politics.

This is about trying to make sense of the big questions, trying to live well as a Christian - trying to be a bit less confused!

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6 min
A conversation with the dead

A conversation with the dead

Love and loss in the age of Artificial Intelligence


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5 min
10 habits for a post covid world

10 life-changing habits for a post-COVID world

10 lessons we have learnt and should not let go of


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7 min

A personal testimony by Chris Goswami

How the son of a Hindu priest gradually made his peace with the unfairness of the cross


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4 min
joe biden and abortion communion debate

Joe Biden could be denied Communion because of his views on abortion

How do Christians maintain unity on issues that divide us?


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5 min
the most surprising verse in the whole bible

The most surprising line in the Bible

What do you think is the most unexpected line in scripture?


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7 min
christians on youtube

The new frontline for religious debate and discussion is YouTube

People are getting their Christian teaching online whether we like it or not


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5 min
joseph of arimathea

The one Easter character we never think about

What do we make of Joseph of Arimathea the secret disciple?


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5 min
the most important thing a christian can do

What’s the most important thing a Christian can do?

Getting a balanced view of what the Bible teaches


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4 min
living well in 2021

3 ideas for living well in 2021

Managing your faith and your work in the new normal of 2021


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3 min
2020 in pictures

Saying goodbye to the weirdest year yet — 2020 in pictures!

Hilarious, worrying, inspiring, and just plain weird .… the headlines from 2020


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