These short blogs touch areas that affect us all. We reflect on topics such as other religions, apologetics, bizarre Bible passages, Atheism, and suffering, as well as trends such as consumerism, impacts of technology and politics.

This is about trying to make sense of the big questions, trying to live well as a Christian - trying to be a bit less confused!

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7 min
james webb carina nebula

God and the Big Bang

Why these stunning images point to a creator


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5 min
Nina Smallman

Faith and forgiveness in the face of unimaginable horror

A new documentary, Two Sisters, tells the story of Anglican priest Mina Smallman


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5 min
3 things to stop doing with the bible

3 things to stop doing with the Bible

3 ways we miss what God wants to say


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3 min
After the flood - the church support for slavery

After The Flood – how Christians used Noah’s drunken curse to defend slavery

A single verse in Genesis led to a theology of slavery


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7 min
what christians need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency

What Christians need to know before investing in Bitcoin

Cryptomania explained!


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5 min
guard your heart

How did a gifted Christian Minister become an atheist?

I met him to find out


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5 min
church at home

2022 will define the shape of church for the future …

… what does it look like?


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5 min
Christians and Apple Google Facebook Amazon

Why Christians should be concerned about the growing influence of the Tech Giants

Trends that will shape 2022


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4 min
Tears in the Bible and in our lives today

Tears through the Bible and in Our Lives Today

The eleven types of tears in scripture


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5 min
assisted dying

Assisted Dying – can we live without it?

UK Parliament has re-opened the debate — what does the Bible say?


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