These short blogs touch areas that affect us all. We reflect on topics such as other religions, apologetics, bizarre Bible passages, Atheism, and suffering, as well as trends such as consumerism, impacts of technology and politics.

This is about trying to make sense of the big questions, trying to live well as a Christian - trying to be a bit less confused!

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5 min
my life as a Manchester Airport chaplain

Did you pack this bag yourself?

Chris’s life as an airport chaplain


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4 min
Queenm Camilla = lessons for Christians

What Christians can learn from the new Queen Camilla

The power of turning the other cheek


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6 min
this article wont change your mind

This article wont change your mind

What we know can blind us to truth


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7 min
chatgpt and the church

ChatGPT — the biggest leap forward in AI will change everything

Here’s what it means for your church


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7 min
tech trends 2023

What technology trends will impact your life in 2023?

What the biggest trends in technology mean for society & the church


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3 min
3 things churches get wrong at Christmas

3 things churches get wrong at Christmas – and how to fix them

Pitfalls for the unwary church


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4 min

As online games become more immersive could that make them safer?

A Christian game developer with a fresh approach


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4 min
tips to read the bible well

3 tips to help you read the Bible well

Simple principles to ensure you read the Bible as it was meant to be read


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7 min
james webb carina nebula

God and the Big Bang

Why these stunning images point to a creator


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5 min
Nina Smallman

Faith and forgiveness in the face of horror

A new documentary, Two Sisters, tells the story of Anglican priest Mina Smallman


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