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Welcome to my collection of interviews, podcasts and video clips!
Some of these are provocative interviews on contemporary topics eg politics or technology. Others are gentle stories and anecdotes ... stories of Jesus, of hope, of heaven, and more.

Premier radio Goswami and Wyatt
25 min

Leadership special: John Wyatt & Chris Goswami

What difference will AI make to our leading?

7 min

Do we encourage politicians to lie?

Being righteous after the event


ChatGPT is coming to a church near you

Chris on the Premier News Podcast

BBC Radio 4 Sunday
1 min

Is God male, female or ungendered?

My contribution to BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Programme

TWR & Premier Christian Radio

Tech trends 2023 — collected radio interviews

Is your Smartphone an idol | ChatGPT & the Church | and more

Premier MOLAD podcast

Bitcoins, dotcom bubbles & FOMO — what the Bible says

Crypto currency, dotcom bubbles, and fear of missing out — according to scripture (podcast)

Chris Goswami, BBC Moral Maze
40m or 7m

Why does God allow earthquakes?

On the BBC’s Moral Maze

what happens to non Christians
4 min

What happens to people who don’t believe?

Can God apply the saving work of Jesus to others?

the story of the christian church
10 min

The Story of the Church … in 10 minutes

Church history, start to finish, 10m

Joy is the story we choose to tell ourselves
10 min

Joy is the story we choose to tell ourselves

How do we discover joy — authentic, biblical joy?

the bible in 10 minutes
10 min

The Bible in 10 minutes

The Bible — explained

Happy New Year 2020
9 min

Shining a light into 2021

Happy New Year!

Faithful living in a COVID world
8 min or 14 min

Faithful living in a COVID world

How does our faith help us in these troubling times?

The Kingdom of Heaven
6.5 min

What is the Kingdom of God?

Switch on your imagination and enter the parables of the Kingdom

5 min

This lesson in understanding racism would not be allowed today

A controversial lesson in racism