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5 min
Britains first Hindu PM

Why Christians have nothing to fear from Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister

What do we make of our new Hindu PM?


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5 min
7 facts about Hell

7 things every Christian needs to know about hell

The “hot topic” of Hell has been fiercely debated for hundreds of years


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5 min
Getting back to church after COVID

3 reasons why you should get off the sofa and go back to physical church

Do we really need to go back to the church building?


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5 min
Saying God spoke to me

The problem with saying “God told me this …”

Saying “the Lord told me” is a habit many people find hard to break


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4 min
Christians dealing with doubts

How do we deal with doubts?

Do you find that you love Jesus but still have niggling doubts?


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3 min
wearing a mask as an act of generosity

Mask wearing as a spiritual practice?

An act of gnerosity and an act of hospitality


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3 min
spend time with God

6 easy ways to spend time with God this week

… it’s easier than you think!


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7 min
why dowsnt God stop coronavirus

Why doesn’t God stop Coronavirus and mend the world?

Why wouldn’t a good, all powerful God simply stop the coronavirus?


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5 min
Slow your life down

You need to slow your life down

5 daily practices to minimise distraction and heal your soul


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5 min
why does santa have a beard

The fascinating theological reason why Santa has a beard

And do you know the difference between Santa Claus and Father Christmas?


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