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What is your Christian response to stories in the media? How do you engage with the spirit of this age and at the same time grow in faith and maturity? I am a blogger and pastor. My aim is to help you (and me) think through issues of faith and culture, to encourage and challenge you to live well as a Christian..   Chris Goswami

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Discipleship, in bite-sized chunks. 7minutes.net is a Christian blog set out in a magazine style (short articles — lots of pictures!) to help you scan and choose topics that interest you.

7minutes has been recognised multiple times!

In 2019 7minutes.net was awarded Runner Up as the “Most Inspiring Blog from a Christian Leader” in the annual awards organised by Premier Christian Media — which attracted over 1,000 entries.

Most Inspiring Blog from a Christian leader

Most inspiring Christian Leader 2019


Previously 7minutes.net was awarded First Place “Christian Blogger of the Year” in the same awards.

Blogger of the Year

Once again, the over 800 entries are evidence of the immense creativity and dedication present across the Church”
Premier Christianity Chief Operating Officer Kevin Bennett, 2015

Premier Digital Awards

7minutes is divided into three

The 7Minute Blog makes you think. series-blog… Original articles on topics such as growing in our faith, the Bible, New Atheism, and suffering; and community trends like consumerism and impacts of technology. Trying to make sense of big questions, trying to live well as a Christian.

The 7minute Audio is relaxing! Encouraging, thought provseries-audiooking but easy listening! Presenting truth using short stories and anecdotes. You will find stories of Jesus, hope guidance, heaven and hell and more. Based on original podcasts made for radio.

7minute Stumble is content published elsewhere. Outstanding articles or videos from series-stumbleother websites and Christian blogs. These also talk about faith, culture, relationships, social and technology trends, from a Christian faith perspective. More discipleship, in bite-sized chunks!

7minutes.net is short — but more than a snippet

The aim of 7minutes is to give you the guest something to think about, something to encourage, maybe amuse, refresh, challenge or inspire, but to do this in a few minutes – bite-sized chunks. Listening times and reading times are always indicated because your time is previous. Everything here is designed to be read or listened to in a few minutes, less than 7 — generally MUCH less than 7!

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