Consultation & compromise — the BU & Gay Marriage

It is not just the Church of England and the Catholic Church which has been wrestling with divisions over same-sex marriage in recent years. The Baptist Union is also split between those who believe God affirms gay marriage and those who hold to a traditional opposition to it. Yet unlike other denominations, the Baptists have come recently to an interesting compromise. Individual congregations are at liberty to host same-sex weddings or not to, according to their consciences. But gay Baptist ministers will not be allowed to themselves enter same-sex marriages. What has led the Baptists to this unusual position? Could it be a solution other denominations should explore? And, can this settlement hold into the future?

• Ashley Hardingham, affirming Baptist minister
• Chris Goswami, traditionalist Baptist minister
• Mark Woods, Baptist minister, writer and formerly editor of the Baptist Times

Listen to: The Consultation & the Compromise

If this podcast interests you, here is the original article on which it was based.

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29 days ago

Just spent some time this morning listening to your Premier podcast. I just want to thank you both for your contributions. I thought you both came across incredibly well with clarity and understanding. I thought you held the theology appropriately within a context of care and compassion for those on all sides of this issue. Differences were clearly articulated but at all times relationship was more important.

1 month ago

Thanks Chris! A very interesting discussion! A fascinating video debate between Steve Chalke and Calvin Robinson on “Is the church progressive” has just been published on YouTube. This covers similar ground on sexuality, gay marriage etc as well as other theological issues, and I would recommend it as essential watching. The comments section is fascinating- most strongly in favour of the orthodox church position.