Faithful living in a COVID world

Less than 1% of us have COVID-19, but 100% are affected by COVID-19. This pandemic affects all of us. It affects us socially, mentally, and spiritually. COVID is as much an attack on us psychologically as it is physically. How are we meant to live in such an uncertain world?

Here is a short message I gave recently that might help you think this thru:

The video begins automatically at the correct point. Watch the short-section that ends around 40m (end of message).
If you don’t have 14 minutes, just watch the short section that starts with the Bible reading at 39m and 13s 🙂

If you enjoyed that, try reading When we return to normality — what will that look like?

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3 years ago

What a great sermon You’re a natural!
Keep up the good work
You’re needed more now than ever before.… is Church and God!