Good luck or bad luck?

We cant control our circumstances but we can always determine what our response is. Giving thanks when life is difficult seems counter intuitive but “doing gratitude” in this way is a biblical principle that changes our whole outlook and is a sure route to personal wellbeing.

Story length: 5m 45s

Gratitude is under-rated. Simply remembering the things in life that are good is the greatest and simplest thing we can do to be happy. Try reading Buying Stuff Will Make You Happy.

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Sunil Raheja
8 years ago

Thank you for sharing this helpful perspective Chris. I know how often I look to my circumstances to govern my mood and often feel like a glass half-empty kind of person. Yet it is so often the way we choose to look at things that makes all the difference.
I have written about that at and‑choices-you-can-make-to-be-a-genuinely-happier-person/