Has Google replaced God? — Premier Radio interview

Google influences every home in the land. Google is present on almost every laptop, phone, and increasingly our home appliances, giving them a level of “omnipresence”. Their stated company mission is to store all the world’s knowledge, which starts to sound like “omniscience”. And if we consider that, in today’s personal-information economy, knowledge is power, we could add “omnipotence”.  Well we just described Google using three words we normally reserve for someone else. Far fetched? Maybe but then who (really) is the central authority in your life, every day?

This is an interview based on a magazine article written by Chris for Premier Christianity. It has been edited to reduce it to approx 10min:

If you don’t have 10 min here is a 2 min snip of the interview:

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Now check out the blog and magazine article.

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