Shining a light into 2021

Welcome to 2021! We’ve had a year of great darkness — and yet the light of Christ has never shone brighter! Have you seen how bright the light is? The darkness itself makes it brighter. Here is a short reflection of hope and light which I pray will help you as we enter another year of uncertainty.

Short Reflection (9 min)

The video above begins automatically at the correct point. Watch the short-section (9 minutes). If you prefer to watch the entire 20-minute reflection including two beautiful carols, click the link below.

Complete Reflection including music (20 mins)

If you enjoyed that, try my summary of 2020 in pictures!

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3 years ago

Wow. Perfect
How interesting about India
You paint a vivid picture
Thanks so much
You’ve really helped me this last year

Sunil Raheja
3 years ago

What a helpful perspective Chris! Yes we must never forget the greater the darkness then the more powerful is the light of Christ that we have! We must never forget that. Your illustration with the snake on that dark path explains that very helpfully. Thank you!

Angela Rowley
Angela Rowley
3 years ago

Thanks again, Chris. A positive, pertinent thought to start the new year, whatever that might bring us. Jesus is Lord! The 2020 calendar was great — how things have been turned on their head. Love to you and Alison and blessings on your ministry.
Angela x