The Kingdom of God is like …

Jesus didn’t give us a TripAdvisor visitor’s guide to the Kingdom of God. But in some ways he did. He talked about the genuine joy of discovering something precious. He described how something dead comes to life. And he explained the disruptive ways of the Kingdom — little becomes great when God is at work. And he did it all with pictures!

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 Kingdom Parables from Matthew 13.

TAKE‑5: Discover something – Worth knowing – In 5 minutes


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Sunil Raheja
7 years ago

Great perspectives Chris. The next time I find something I think I have lost I will remind myself that the relief and joy I experience is a small taste of what it means for the kingdom of God to break through into my life. Also the kingdom of God breaks through in apparently small and trivial ways — but behind the apparent insignificance is great power!