What is the Kingdom of God?

Jesus spoke about it often. He told us to seek it, he told us to expect it he said it was nearby. But what is it?  Is it the same as what we call heaven? Is it something that happens at a specific point in time?

Jesus tells us … the Kingdom of God is like a man finding treasure in a field, its like a woman who mixed some yeast into a batch of dough and saw the whole batch rise. He said it’s like a tiny seed that grows into a huge shrub. He said it’s like a pearl merchant who one day finds the pearl that’s worth more than every other pearl.

But what’s all that about … seeds and yeast, and treasures and pearls?

Well bring your imagination and come and explore these incredibly short but punchy parables in this 7min cut from a recent message:

The video begins automatically at the correct point. Watch the short-section that ends at 15m. (Or choose to continue watching the whole message which is 15m). The parables are from Matthew 13, 31–35, and 44–46

If you enjoy that, keep your imagination switched on to explore the coming kingdom: No eye has seen, no ear has heard

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3 years ago

Nice take!

3 years ago

I enjoyed the video. Thank you very much for sharing this. God bless us all!