Why is church boring?

Why is church boring? This question goes back to ancient times — even in the Bible a young man fell out of a window because he fell asleep during the sermon (Acts 20, v9).

But why is church boring? With no gadgets, no tricks, no messing about … here is the definitive accurate, and honest answer to this question.

Not essential, but these 2 illustrations are referred to in this 7 minute sermon.

Why is church boring?

Who can we ask - is church boring?

Based on a sermon given at Lymm Baptist Church in February 2019.

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3 years ago

Ha ha — well said!

ken tysoe
ken tysoe
4 years ago

This worked better in your original talk when the subject was ‘what,s wrong with the church’ and the answer was ‘you are’

Sunil Raheja
4 years ago

Great point Chris!