Why is church boring? This question goes back to ancient times — even in the Bible a young man fell out of a window because he fell asleep during the sermon (Acts 20, v9).

But why is church boring? With no gadgets, no tricks, no messing about … here is the definitive accurate, and honest answer to this question.

Not essential, but these 2 illustrations are referred to in this 7 minute sermon.

Why is church boring?

Who can we ask - is church boring?

Based on a sermon given at Lymm Baptist Church in February 2019.

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ken tysoe
ken tysoe
11 months ago

This worked better in your original talk when the subject was ‘what,s wrong with the church’ and the answer was ‘you are’

Sunil Raheja
Sunil Raheja
11 months ago

Great point Chris!