A lot of us think they’re we’re pretty smart don’t we (yeah me too!)

But there’s something in scripture which seems to indicate that although knowledge and understanding are important, wisdom is something different. In fact Godly wisdom has much more to do with character than knowing stuff.  God takes our puny idea of wisdom and fundamentally challenges it.

You may be wiser than you think (… or you may not be). Listen to The Smartest Teenager In The World and find out.

The Smartest Teenager In The World is an old tale of anonymous origin.
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[…] The Car Jacking is an old tale of anonymous origin. Images in this post are of the sculpture Homeless Jesus by Timothy Schmalz If you enjoyed listening to this, try  Are you wise? … find out […]

Ambuchi Jonathan Sila
Ambuchi Jonathan Sila

Wisdom is given to us by God himself, it is the best we can ask from
God. Being wise is pleasing in the eyes of God. Please Goswami, as you
think on whom to communicate with, please give your self a good
thought to us here in Kenya-Africa.
God bless you throughout your endeavors

Sunil Raheja

Thank you Chris! We desperately need wisdom as we drown in the ever growing abundance of information around us. Helpful reminder to me as well that wisdom comes from patience.


🙂 … enjoyed the joke!