How can I bring the workplace into my faith?

Reposted article by Terry Young from the Baptist Times

At its best, work is a creative outlet that provides purpose and generates cash: for ourselves, our dependents, and for personal generosity.… at its worst it it is a domain of ego and greed (although we like the money).”

So says Terry Young in his article on the workplace. he continues:

While Jesus clearly rejected worldly values, the parables in Luke showed he thought some worldly methods worth a second glance. I am now increasingly convinced that we need to revisit and rethink the workplace, perhaps radically so.”

If, like 95% of people in your church you are currently in secular work, or have been, this is a good read. It takes the often asked question “how can I bring my faith into the workplace”, and turns it on its head:

How can I bring the workplace into my faith?

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