Why I won’t quit the CofE despite the chaos over same-sex relationships

By Ed Shaw — reposted from the Premier Christianity Blog

Ed Shaw is a celibate, same-sex-attracted pastor who founded the organisation Living Out.

Living Out helps same-sex attracted Christians live celibate lives in accordance with traditional Biblical teaching on sex and relationships. But they don’t just do that; they also challenge churches on their lack of support for same-sex attracted Christians.

Here is Ed’s reflections on the recent, somewhat chaotic discussions on prayers for same-sex relationships in the Church of England.

Services of blessings for gay couples were narrowly approved for a trial period at the Church of England’s General Synod amid heated debate. Here, Ed Shaw, a celibate, gay minister in the CofE, reflects on the decision and why he’ll continue to campaign for orthodox teaching on sex and marriage to be retained”

You can read the whole article here:

Why I won’t quit the CofE despite the chaos over same-sex relationships

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Tina Barton
Tina Barton
17 days ago

It’s always a dangerous business to ride two horses at once, It’s impossible to sit comfortably on both at once. As the 2000 Clergy who walked out of the Church of England on Black Bartholomew’s Day found — principles cost; pain ensues. The deep faith and enduring values in the lives of these men (to a man Puritans, often hated and reviled today) are still the backbone of the true Church , which exists as an entity without a name (ie Methodist C/E Baptist) Only God knows those who are truly devoted to Him and the Biblical story He has… Read more »