Islam — the elephant in the election?

I don’t agree with Islamophobia but I think it is foolish for our politicians and media not to recognize that Islam is a political system which seeks to destroy and take over the Western system. I would be interested to hear your thoughts”.

This statement is from a recent blog by David Robertson of Solas the Centre for Public Christianity in which he explains how Islam is a political ideology with governmental objectives as much as it is a religion advocating spiritual goals. In countries where Muslims are a majority the political nature of Islam is emphasised; in countries where Muslims are a minority (such as the UK) the religious side is emphasised. Islam itself however does not make any distinction.

This is not the Islamophobia as in the English Defence League or BNP, and we need to bear in mind that anti-Muslims hate crimes are on the rise. David is simply proposing we consider this subject from a Christian perspective.with no phobias on either side.

I am concerned that fear of Islamaphobia is blinding many of our politicians to the threat we face from Islam”.

Listen to the lively  Podcast from Solas – the first 7 minutes.


Or read the blog on David’s website:

Solas is a ministry organisation based in Scotland that involves itself with “bringing the gospel into all areas of public life – politics, art, the workplace and even the church”.

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7 years ago

I felt really saddened when I read this Chris (not your blog but the one you refer to). Especially since it is for Christianity Today. Despite his pains to point out he is not Islamaphobic, he actually is. He is whipping up fear in a population (middle class Christians) who have little day to day contact with or understanding of Islam. I am not questioning his view that Islam is political — so in my view is true Christianity and we need to return to that. But we need to get this in proportion.  Not all muslims want Islamic politics.… Read more »