The KOKO Story

Keep On Keeping On!

.….that’s the message from Meg a young lady and her website which I came across as a fellow finalist in the Christian New Media Awards 2014 (and Meg’s site later won the award for Up And Coming Blogger by the way). Using video and fast chat “Essex style” Meg does a fantastic job in helping our teenage girls to overcome issues of self-esteem, lack of confidence, and doubts about their faith. Here is just one of her videos called Did You Know?

Visit  The KOKO story — Did You Know?

So glad that the pressures created on our young girls is being met with an entertaining, engaging and thoughtful response from someone with the talent, creativity, and the faith to make it happen.Christian Media Awards

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9 years ago

Brilliant. My friend Emma from The Message Trust deals with the same issues by going into schools with a RespectMe campaign