My dad and the powerful witness of same-sex attracted Christians

When I was thirteen years old, my dad died from AIDS as a result of a same-sex relationship outside of his marriage …  I loved my dad; most of my happiest childhood memories were shared with him. We danced to Carly Simon. We baked Black Forest Cherry Cake. We sat together in our rocking chairs on warm North Carolina nights, marveling at God’s universe. But most of all I loved him because, more than any other person in my life, he pointed me to Jesus .…

This powerful article is full of warmth and authenticity. It’s Emily Hallock’s account of the hurt suffered by same sex attracted Christians, and the hypocrisy of churches that regard some sins as worse than others.

Read Emily’s article

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Red Zimmerman
Red Zimmerman
5 years ago

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for sharing it. The more people read it, the better! I’ll pass on your kind note to Emily as well.