You need to slow your life down

Reposted article by John Eldredge from Premier Christianity Blog

Something we overlook in the Gospels are all of the in-between times when Christ and his followers were walking from one town to another. When the record states, “The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee,” (John 1:43) we project our own pace upon it, not realising it took the boys three days by foot to get there. Three days just strolling along, talking, or sharing the silent beauty; the pauses for lunch or a drink from a well; the campfires in the evening.

Christ does not move immediately from one dramatic story to another; there was “down time,” transition time between those demands. Time to catch their breath before the next encounter .….” John Eldredge.

What a contrast to the chaotic and crammed lives most of us live today! But here are five simple tips from John, an experienced counselor and teacher. Any one of them will help you slow your life down:

5 daily practices to minimise distraction and heal your soul

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