Reposted article by Nick Page

By the sizteenth century the church badly needed to be re-formed. The church had descended into a corrupt establishment that existed for itself — and especially for its hierarchy. Anyone with a conscience was crying out for reformation.

Out of this of course arose the Protestant movement of churches, as well as a decisive counter reformation within the Catholic church. But as often happens when we try to correct things that have gone wrong politically, culturally or spiritually, we “over correct” and run to the exact opposite side of the boat, the other end of the pendulum swing Was this the case in the Reformation. And if so what have we lost?

Well according to Nick Page’s insightful article  we lost colour and beauty, we lost silence and monasteries, and of course we lost church unity. Lost … but not irrevocably lost.

Read the article: And now for the bad news — what we lost because of the reformation

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Jonathan Ambuchi Sila
Jonathan Ambuchi Sila
3 years ago

Let us know and understand what the signs of the times is all about . Read also Luke 21:28. Any one with eyes should not be told to look.