Why Christians have nothing to fear from Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister

By John Stevens — reposted from the Premier Christianity Blog

As Christians what do we make of the fact that we now have not only a non-Christian PM (nothing new in that), but one who is an open adherent of Hinduism?

Well, as someone brought up in the Hindu belief system myself, I agree with much of this article from John Stevens, National Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. He points out for example that:

  1. We can have confidence in God’s common grace. You do not have to be a Christian to hold moral views, have high standards of behaviour, or be great at your job.
  2. The early church did not have Christian national rulers and yet were taught, in scripture, to pray for them.
  3. A PM from a minority culture and faith is actually likely to be more sympathetic to other minorities including Christians.

You can read the whole article here:

Why Christians have nothing to fear from Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister

Note I certainly do not agree with other aspects of John’s beliefs and those of the FIEC such as their view on women in leadership roles.

Looking for more? Try my article on how, as the son of a Hindu priest, I gradually came to make peace with the unfairness of the cross: A personal testimony by Chris Goswami.
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1 year ago

Thank you for clearly stating both yours and the FIEC position on women in ministry, Chris. Minorities of all kinds need allies, and as a woman in ministry, I appreciate the support. On the subject of the article, I think there is much there that makes sense. As a Baptist I believe in the separation of church and state — we need to be free to speak truth to power. I particularly like the author’s observations of the desire of society for a quasi-Messianic Saviour. The result of this is Johnson, and in the US, Trump. People ‘worship’ these kinds… Read more »

Ian Mason
Ian Mason
1 year ago

Excellent and fair article.