Why doesn’t God stop Coronavirus and mend the world?

Reposted article by Justin Brierley from Premier Christianity Blog

It’s the most natural question in the world: If God is good and all powerful, then why doesn’t he just stop bad things happening? It’s something that individuals often ask at times of personal tragedy.….” Justin Brierley.

This is a very concise summary of the Christian worldview of the nature of evil. Its not new but Justin has summarized the arguments very clearly and specifically for the situation we suddenly find ourselves in.

Why doesn’t God stop Coronavirus and mend the world?

Interested in more? Try the blog on this website: Why does God allow bad tings to happen?
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3 years ago

God doesn’t step in to stop ‘natural evils’ like coronavirus, plague, and natural disasters. God bless us all and stay safe!

Carolyn Hollingsworth
Carolyn Hollingsworth
4 years ago

Dear Chris,

Just to say how much I look forward to your posts. Thank you for helping us to focus and find hope, especially in such a time as this.

As worshiping together is likely to be suspended for the foreseeable future, your emails will be a light in the darkness.

God bless you and your family. Please stay safe.

Love and thanks,