It depends what you’re listening for

Some people say that God doesn’t speak to us any more – but actually, it depends what you’re listening for. Try this 3 minute story .…

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If we are in tune with God, we will be able to notice him at work in our life and in the world. And we’ll be able to hear him when he speaks.  But it really does depend on what we’re listening for.

If you found the idea of listening to God challenging or just interesting, try  3 ways that God will guide you



It Depends What You’re Listening For is a well known story of anonymous authorship

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Jonathan Ambuchi Sila
Jonathan Ambuchi Sila
6 years ago

Christianity life is based on how one grows from childhood. The foundation for ones life is very important because of the Holy Spirit who dwells in the heart of a person and it changes him completely in order to serve. Listening to the voice of God is very important because we shall be focused.


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9 years ago

That was fantastic…needed that reminder in our busy, chatter filled lives, Chris