be different .… be GREAT!

The importance of being great

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In God’s economy things are not so much turned upside down as the right way round. And greatness starts to make sense. So go and be different – be great – be truly great!

If you find this interesting, here is an even more challenging idea of how to be great: Why Does God Allow Suffering III



The story of Jamie is an old tale of anonymous authorship

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[…] If you enjoyed that, try Be Different — Be Great! […]

9 years ago

Hi Chris.
I stumbled upon this.. Great audio. It was really insightful. I definitely want to share this with my children.

Virginia Rochester
Virginia Rochester
9 years ago

Hi Chris
I really like your blog. I found it when my minister posted it on FB as having won an award for Christian media stuff. Thanks for the audio on being great, I found it helpful

9 years ago

Thank Chris. I loved it because it challenged in a thoughtful way the need for us all to be in touch with our prejudices because Jesus is bigger and more just than our prejudices

Dylan Powell
Dylan Powell
9 years ago

Great article- love it . And the little lad that claps — the parable according to Chris !