be different .… be GREAT!

The importance of being great

In God’s economy things are not so much turned upside down as the right way round. And greatness starts to make sense. So go and be different – be great – be truly great!

If you find this interesting, here is an even more challenging idea of how to be great: Why Does God Allow Suffering III



The story of Jamie is an old tale of anonymous authorship

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[…] If you enjoyed that, try Be Different — Be Great! […]

8 years ago

Hi Chris.
I stumbled upon this.. Great audio. It was really insightful. I definitely want to share this with my children.

Virginia Rochester
Virginia Rochester
8 years ago

Hi Chris
I really like your blog. I found it when my minister posted it on FB as having won an award for Christian media stuff. Thanks for the audio on being great, I found it helpful

8 years ago

Thank Chris. I loved it because it challenged in a thoughtful way the need for us all to be in touch with our prejudices because Jesus is bigger and more just than our prejudices

Dylan Powell
Dylan Powell
8 years ago

Great article- love it . And the little lad that claps — the parable according to Chris !