7 things every Christian needs to know about hell

By Keith Giles — reposted from the Patheos blog

The “hot topic” of Hell has been fiercely debated by Christians for many hundreds of years. Many Christians fall into one of two views: that Hell is a place of eternal punishment, or it is a place of complete annihilation where we simply cease to exist. Keith Giles, An American pastor supports the third view which is universal reconciliation, ie that ultimately everyone (who wants to) is reconciled with God, no matter what they believe in this world.

Whether or not you agree with universalism, some of Keith’s seven points are insightful and worth noting. They include:

  1. That the Old Testament scriptures never mention the possibility of eternal punishment.
  2. Tat most of the New Testament scriptures on “hell” do not refer to what happens after we die.
  3. And that, for the first 500 years of the church, the idea of eternal torment was a minority view.

You can read the whole article here:

7 Things Every Christian Needs to Know About Hell

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