The problem with saying “God told me this …”

How much are we supposed to share with others when we believe we have heard from God? Should we say “the Lord told me something” whenever we have an impression we feel is from the Holy Spirit? RT Kendall says much more caution is required, before any Christian claims this.

Saying “the Lord told me” is a habit many people find hard to break – but need to. Don’t claim that all you feel is from the Lord, he says. You can always say, “I think I am supposed to share this with you”. Failing to exercise such humility in effect means we are misusing the name of God – and breaking the 3rd commandment “Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God” (Exodus 20:7).

Kendal identifies 6 different kinds of prophecy and explains that we are not to despise prophesies, but we are to test them (1 Thessalonians 5:20–21).

Read RT Kendall on the problem with saying ‘God told me…’

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9 months ago

I tend to agree with R T Kendall that caution needs to be the watchword here  To say that God has told me is speaking “ex-cathedra” and a very dangerous place as if you are saying that God has said, and he has not said, then you are breaking one of the 10 Commandments. You shall not take the Lord’s name in vain There is a Commandment about this  I would rather, say, to an elder or Pastor, I feel or I believe what God may be saying … and then ask the church leaders to weigh that before the Lord and… Read more »

Randall Merrill
3 years ago

Great point: We don’t despise prophetic statements, but we test them. Far too often, we miss it on one side or the other, either summarily dismissing them or mindlessly swallowing them whole. Thank you for calling us back to biblical balance and for tying the whole issue to the third commandment!