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Questions we’re afraid to ask about the Bible

Is the Old Testamenmt packed with violence & made-up stories? 4min


Is consumerism killing your faith?

We are constantly fed the lie that everything “must fit me”  4min


Do you have enough faith to be an atheist?

Do atheists have a belief system? Take a look!   4min


3 ideas that will change your faith forever

Reading this could seriously enrich your faith 4min


Going to church will make you happy!

Wellbeing and faith 3.5 min


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Don’t be afraid

That’s easy to say… but HOW do we not be afraid?


A God who runs

There aren’t many places in the Bible you see God running, but here is one 9min


A special day

For anyone who’s life is run by agendas, diaries, calendars and reminders 6min


Be different – be great

Jesus explains the importance of you being great – truly great 7min


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Good news about good-newsing

Don’t get uptight about evangelism says Glen Marshall 6min


5 verses taught me what’s important

One of the most impactful spiritual lessons I ever learned – 5 verses 1 lesson by Camden McAfee 3.5 min


The odds are stacked against atheism

How a throw of a dice can show that God exists by Justin Brierley 5min