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Welcome to my collection of interviews, podcasts and video clips!
Some of these are provocative interviews on contemporary topics eg politics or technology. Others are gentle stories and anecdotes ... stories of Jesus, of hope, of heaven, and more.

Be Great!
7 min

be different .… be GREAT!

Jesus explains the importance of being great

What are you listening for?

It depends what you’re listening for

Do you notice when God speaks?

3 ways that God will guide you

How does God guide us, today?

Returning God

What’s the difference between Christianity and other faiths?
Easter Sunday lays it bare.

Good Friday Hope

Hope isn’t about being hopeful .… but then what is it?

No eye has seen; no ear has heard

How could anyone ever imagine the sky, the sea, the hills, without first being born …. ?

Cheat death
7 min

3 Fears for Mary

Fear is a recurring theme in the Bible. But when God says “don’t be afraid” he also tells us why

Who is my neighbour?

An entertaining and surprising re-telling of a famous story of Jesus by Wayne Rice. The Good Samaritan Revisited.

A God Who Runs
9 min

A God who runs

There aren’t many places in the Bible where you see God running, but here is one.

9 min

Caught in the act!

A warm Saturday afternoon, singing songs, having a good time, is rudely interrupted. As the crowd turn nasty, a stranger appears.


Losing to Win

A question of philosophy — or a declaration of grace? Can a God who takes on weakness still remain God?

Making the most of the time we have

A special day

It seems our lives are ruled by schedules, calendars, and alerts