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Welcome to my collection of interviews, podcasts and video clips!
Some of these are provocative interviews on contemporary topics eg politics or technology. Others are gentle stories and anecdotes ... stories of Jesus, of hope, of heaven, and more.

Jesus explains our identity
5 min

Who Am I?

Using only a silver coin, Jesus teaches us who we are (TAKE‑5 Series)

Christian peace
6 min

Why you’re not at peace

Ways to find peace ….. but what IS peace?

The mice in the piano - a story
5 mins

The mice in the piano

Two troublesome boys, a family of thoughtful mice and our ever-present God

Our Easter God
5 min

Miracle on the River Kwai

It seems creation for God was easy, and it gave him pleasure. But salvation was a different matter

Glass half empty
6 min

Good luck or bad luck?

Are you a glass half full or glass half empty person? And what to do about it

The most beautiful thing
4 min

A handful of snow

Beauty depends on what you’re looking for

Don't be afraid
5.5 min

Don’t be afraid

But HOW do we not be afraid?

Relentless grace
5.5 min

Modern day parable

A distressed nation, shining fish, and relentless grace

7.5 min

Where’s God gone?

Waiting for God to answer? …someone to be healed? … or just waiting for life to get better?

Road to Emmaus - 2023
7 min

There and back again

The best stories are true, and this delightful Easter tale is absolutely true

7 min

Building A building

The stupid carpenter who built his house on the sandy beach

4 min

Give your life away

That’s right, give it away. Just give it away. This 4m story tells you how.

God is not fair — 3 occasions that prove it

God is not reasonable — he will forgive others more than he will forgive you

Be Great!
7 min

be different .… be GREAT!

Jesus explains the importance of being great

What are you listening for?

It depends what you’re listening for

Do you notice when God speaks?