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Welcome to my collection of interviews, podcasts and video clips!
Some of these are provocative interviews on contemporary topics eg politics or technology. Others are gentle stories and anecdotes ... stories of Jesus, of hope, of heaven, and more.

misunderstanding the bible
7 min

The 2 most misunderstood commands in the Bible

The 2 most incredible and confusing commands in the whole of scripture — explained

why is church boring
7 min

Why is church boring?

A straightforward answer to a straightforward question

The Bible in 7 minutes
7 min

The Bible in 7 minutes

The big story of the Bible — the lead characters — the key books … in 7 minutes

Too busy for Christmas
7 min

Too busy for Christmas?

A Russian Christmas tale — for children and grown ups

Premier Christian Radio
2 min or 10 min

Has Google replaced God? — Premier Radio interview

Google, the Gospel and God — Premier Christian Radio interviews Chris Goswami

Taming the tongue - James
5 min

What we speak — what we type — you cant tame the tongue

Words we speak, words we type, both can cause untold damage — or blessing

If bad things never happened
5 min

What if we lived in a world with no suffering?

Why do bad things happen? … well what if nothing bad EVER happened?

Be quick to listen
5 min

Are you a great listener?

Are we quick to listen? slow to speak? … how about slow to get angry?

Homeless Jesus
5.5 min

Are you prejudiced?

Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without the facts

Are you wise or foolish?
5.5 min

Are you wise?

God takes our puny idea of wisdom and fundamentally challenges it

Premier Christian Radio, Goswami
3 min

Handling Conflict — 3m interview on Premier Christian Radio

Basic biblical advice on managing conflicts — at home, work, or church

Will people see Christ - in you?
5 min

Seeing Jesus?

Most people’s impression of Christ will be based on you

The Christian Hope
5 min

The Christian Hope

Christian hope is not about being hopeful — but then what is it?

the kingdo of God is like ...
5 min

The Kingdom of God is like …

The Kingdom of God … in 5 minutes

Jesus explains our identity
5 min

Who Am I?

Using only a silver coin, Jesus teaches us who we are (TAKE‑5 Series)