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7Minute Stumble is outstanding content I stumbled on from elsewhere. Videos and articles from other websites and Christian blogs that will help you in your Christian discipleship.

Elephant in the room

Gay Christians — a duty of care?

Is the church failing gay Christians?

40 acts of kindness

40 days of giving back, doing good living generously — think about it!

No more page 3 … soon?

I don’t want my future daughters to live in a world in which it’s seen as acceptable for them to be judged on their bra size .…”

Gospel Chivalry?

A man offers you his seat on the bus — now what are you going to do?

The KOKO Story

.….that’s the message from Meg a young lady and her website which I came across as a fellow finalist in the Christian New Media Awards 2014

Great War

Was the Great War A Holy War?

Just like the Crusades of medieval times — but with aircraft, machine guns, and 10 million lives

Spiritual but not religious …?

Spiritual but not religious — what is that?

Look Up

I have 422 friends — and none of them are real .…… social media, pretend friends, and unreal lives

Top 10 tips for atheists

Hilarious but spot-on — read John Dixon’s top tips for new atheists

Jonah and the whale — retold

The most intriguing telling of Jonah you will likely come across.

tea and cake

5 ways to work smarter

A list of no-nonsense tips from on how to get more out of each day

Jane Henderson

Dream and let go

Jane Henderson uses her art and words to explain that sometimes, to achieve your dream, you have to first let go .… 

Scale of the Universe

Get a feel for the many worlds we live in with Cary Huang’s animation.

Rest Easy

Sublime and reflective, Sam Ock presents his own unique approach to handing over our cares and anxieties to God.

10 reasons I’m a funeral director

Caleb Wilde’s profession brings him into contact with his own mortality.