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What we want from church
5 min

What do you want from your church?

What people want from church is different to what the Bible commands

Political Correctness
5 min

5 reasons Christians should fight political correctness

J.John responds to the BBC’s recent diversity measures

God speaks through dreams
3 min

Does God still speak through dreams?

According to my friend Malcolm Nicholas … he does

New Year Resolution
2 min

Forget about ‘New Year New You’ … God loves you

We live in a world where people have built livelihoods on making us feel inadequate

Advent longing
5 min

Advent is a season of longing

Feeling down this Advent? Remember Advent is about longing, and emptiness … and waiting

The Reformation
7 min

What we lost because of the Reformation

Colour beauty and unity are just some of the things we lost in the Reformation

The healing
3 min

Why did God not heal?

Re-thinking healing

Top 10 phrases from the Bible
2 min

Did you know these 10 phrases were in the Bible?

The profound impact of the Bible

New life for your prayer life
3 min

If your prayer life needs new life ask this question

One important question can reset and refocus your prayers.

Brownley Green Baptist Church
3 min

1 in 5 teens are Christians — church buildings are in fashion!

Does your church building communicate the Gospel?

Love Jesus but dont love church
5 min

I love Jesus but not the church” … means you DON’T love Jesus

Grayson Gilbert on how we delude ourselves into thinking we can be Christian and avoid our local church

Good Friday live!
3 min

Good Friday — live!

Good Friday told through eyewitness statements and social media.

Shame and vulnerability
3 min

Freedom from shame — embracing vulnerability

Shame, vulnerability, and becoming wholehearted, by Sunil Raheja

New atheism
3.5 min

The atheist who didn’t exist

Andy Bannister says atheism is riddled with as many holes as a Swiss cheese

Cheat Death
4 min

3 ways to cheat death

Avoiding life’s greatest certainty