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4 min
Its not fair

Life is not fair!

But will your experiences turn you inward or outward?


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5 min
Brining the workplace into our faith

How can I bring the workplace into my faith?

An alternative question to How do we bring our faith into our workplace?


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5 min
BREXIT protest

If you’re not praying about BREXIT you should be

As the debate drags on (and on) some encouraging words for believers


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6 min
same sex attracted christians

My dad and the powerful witness of same-sex attracted Christians

The Church is woefully failing gay people, argues Emily whose father — a pastor — died from AIDS after an affair with a man


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5 min
What we want from church

What do you want from your church?

What people want from church is different to what the Bible commands


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5 min
Political Correctness

5 reasons Christians should fight political correctness

J.John responds to the BBC’s recent diversity measures


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3 min
Does God speak through dreams

Does God still speak through dreams?

According to my friend Malcolm Nicholas … he does


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2 min
New Year Resolution

Forget about ‘New Year New You’ … God loves you

We live in a world where people have built livelihoods on making us feel inadequate


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5 min
Advent longing

Advent is a season of longing

Feeling down this Advent? Remember Advent is about longing, and emptiness … and waiting


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7 min
The Reformation

What we lost because of the Reformation

Colour beauty and unity are just some of the things we lost in the Reformation


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