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7Minute Stumble is outstanding content I stumbled on from elsewhere. Videos and articles from other websites and Christian blogs that will help you in your Christian discipleship.

Dan Rackham Videos
2 mins

Beautiful, heartrending … delightful

… Dan Rackham’s video remake of the 2015 John Lewis Christmas ad

God and Media
3.5 min

Does God care about media?

Why do we need Facebook, Twitter or blogs in God’s Kingdom?

Please critcise my preaching
4 min

Please criticise my preaching

If you have ever preached a sermon — or given a talk — this is for you

New Atheism
5 min

The odds against atheism

How a dice can show that God exists

Jo Cox - lessons
3 mins

3 lessons from a mum who tried to change the world

Jo Cox Membe of Parliment — 3 things she taught us

Good news and evangelism

Some Good News About Goodnewsing

Don’t get uptight about evangelism … says Glen Marshall

Lies that girls are told

I am not enough”

Our culture has created a climate of impossible expectation on young people and especially on young women

Is there an encouragement crisis

Random texts, inner voices & being of good cheer!

The truth about encouragement

Church in decline

3 facts to know about “church decline”

Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated

The Force Awakens

A new hope or an old hope?

… The Force Awakens

One thing - from Christ
4 min

5 verses taught me what’s most important

5 verses in the Bible talk about “one thing” … what is that?

Gifts of the Dark wood

Gifts of the Dark Wood

Is it true that we only really find God in the darkness?

Refugee — migrant — what’s in a word?

What’s our response to these people arriving on our beaches?

following Jesus

What if following Jesus isn’t primarily about belief or actions?

but about having a right heart?

Islam — the elephant in the election?

Islam is a political ideology with governmental objectives as much as it is a religion